Virtual Sets

Virtual is defined as “not physically existing”. This can be done by shooting on a color background and replacing the color later or live while you’re shooting. As you can see in some of the pics at the right, we can do some pretty creative things with green screen. What you might not know is we have a library of “virtual sets” that we can use in a multi-camera live switched format. We can zoom and pan live with either pre-set camera shots or use camera operators. We can record all the cameras as iso cams, record the entire program feed, roll in video clips, graphics, images and stream it all live to the internet.

Our virtual sets can be edited and modified to fit exactly what you are looking for. We can change the set elements, the colors, the positions and the camera angles. If we don’t have the set you want we can find something for you or design it custom.

Call for a tour of our virtual studio. We would be happy to brainstorm with you to provide the perfect production for your budget. At GRP you get more for less . . . guaranteed!

Give us a call or contact us to talk about your project!