Live Streaming


In short webcasting is television broadcasting to the world wide web, in this case from our studio. From our studios, it can look like you are broadcasting from just about any place you can imagine. It can be a network news set, an executive office, medical facility, cozy living room or a window overlooking your favorite city. We can customize the virtual set to be branded with your “look” including your logo and your colors. We place you in the ideal setting to promote you and your message so you project quality, success and integrity.

Webcasting Uses

  • Virtual Town Hall Meetings
  • New-Product Launches
  • Managing Project Teams
  • Virtual Learning
  • Entertainment

The Webcast Studio Facility

A quality production studio is more than just a big room. Our studio is designed to:

  • Provide noiseless climate control
  • Acoustics and sound control
  • Lighting
  • Broadcast quality equipment
  • 20×30 Green Screen
  • Experienced staff
  • Multiple Cameras/live switching
  • Control Room
  • Dressing Room for wardrobe, makeup etc.
  • Lobby/Lounge
  • Room in the studio for a small entourage if desired

Virtual Studio Technology

This is where the fun hits the fan! We use a system called TriCaster. It is a state of the art video switcher on steroids. All its functions can all be done live in real time and spit out to the internet and/or recorded at the same time.

Virtual Set Editor:

There are hundreds of virtual sets of all flavors available. We have a collection in house but if we don’t have what you like we’ll find something that fits. Each set is able to e edited to omit or add elements like furniture, lights and windows. We can modify the color schemes and add logos. When it’s complete, you’ll have a set as unique as you and your message is. The beauty of it is instant recall! With the click of the mouse and a couple keystrokes your set is rebuilt instantly for your next event down the road.

Camera Programming:

To save you money, we are able to program locked down (unmanned) cameras to do zooms and pans to make it look like a big budget production. When we change camera angles or zoom, the virtual background changes accordingly to match the angle or zoom.

Graphics, Clips and Images:

We can add titles, logos, slides and video as . . . all in real time. If you are doing a presentation and use a power point presentation, we can load it into the TriCaster and push the high resolution slides either full screen or on to a big monitor built into your virtual set.

External Sources:

If you wish to have associates, interviewees or presenters from other locations anywhere in the world be a part of your broadcast, we can accept internet video sources like Skype and Facetime or audio only. This can then be added live on to your program stream and your set so you can actually have a dialog with this person(s) remotely.

Recording Options:

It’s possible to record the entire program feed digitally and/or record individual cameras for editing later. This works great for archive, digital distribution or re-broadcast. We had a client that did a broadcast that included a panel discussion and Q&A from the audience. They did an east coast broadcast and an hour later did a west coast broadcast due to the time difference. Instead of repeating the presentation portion twice, we recorded the first presentation and played it back the next hour and transitioned to live Q&A. The audience never knew it was not all live.

Streaming Technology

Why Stream? Simple: time is money. There is only one you. If your business model requires you to present content to multiple people or groups in multiple locations . . . well, do the math. Granted, there are times when a personal visit is a must but it’s a different world these days. Remember, it’s not just your time that is a premium . . . every one of your audience or potential audience is also protective of their time. An event that you have to travel to requires every single attendee to carve out time, pay for transportation, food, lodging and miss work or family time. With our virtual technology they can simply log on with any device anywhere and participate.

Stream where? This is a common question and an important one. There are a variety of options dependent on your ultimate goal whether it’s training, product/service promotion or motivational.


* * The “Free” Advantage

A free event generally attracts the most participants. With minimal cost it can be streamed live to Youtube, Facebook or your website. Maximizing attendance this way not only gets your message out there but during this event you can present offers, have a giveaway or membership opportunity and create a buzz to allow the harvesting of emails, contact information and subscribers.

Another free to viewer option is to stream to a gathering at a location. A medical event we did a few years back streamed to large screen monitors in event venues where the streaming content was a special presentation to the groups attending. This is also perfect for political rallies where the keynote speaker can appear at all locations simultaneously. You can’t do that in person!

Finally, after the live event, you can take the recording of the event and post it to your social media sites. You might choose to edit it into segments or modify it to suit another purpose.


* * Monetizing Options

The above discussion about free web events is basically an indirect monetization model. The intention is to provide a call to action in hopes of monetizing after the fact. There are other ways to monetize directly, ie the viewer paying to attend. One example is continuing education. We did monthly webcasts for the Institute of Internal Auditors. They would bring a panel of high end corporate auditors in and give an hour long presentation to their members. Auditors from all over would pay a modest amount to get continuing education credit hours and never have to leave their desks! We’ve done entertainment webcasts that fans pay to see. BTW, that would always spark product sales after the fact. Training is another big opportunity. Many organizations have in-service training. Usually it’s done in every office or branch around the country. Instead of using the time of a trainer in every location, use just one with a webcast.

So, where is this streamed? We can stream it to your website easily with coordination with your IT folks. We can also create a “phantom” page hosted on our server that is branded the same as your website but not connected to it.

Additional Services


We can provide a registration page to handle all the front end details of registration and payment etc.


Often it is necessary to have a polling option to get feedback from your audience. We have also seen it used in the form of a “test” question to document that the viewer is indeed watching the entire presentation to qualify for the credit hours for continuing education.


A complete archive of the event including attendees, questions and answers, chat etc. is available for analysis.