Also called a podium Teleprompter, this system consists of a flat panel monitor on a horizontal floor stand holding a reflective glass on an adjustable stand bouncing the image on the monitor to the presenter. They are typically placed on either side of a podium and adjusted so the eyeline of the presenter is looking through the glass at the audience.

The experience of the operator makes all the difference. We follow the speaker, not the other way around. If the address speeds up, so do we and vice versa. We have a sixth sense to adjust accordingly. It is usually best to get us scripts ahead of time (in any format) so we can pre-load them into the computer. Editing on set is never a problem.

Our teleprompter systems run on VGA signals, but our operators are familiar with most events configurations so if you have specific connectivity needs, just let us know and we can bring adapters and converters to tie into any other AV gear that might be used.

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