Lens View

For studio productions, field productions, live webcasts and broadcasts we offer multiple lens view systems. The lens view system mounts on your tripod with the camera lens behind the glass. The talent speaks right into the camera lens while reading the script reflected on the mirrored glass. We have both 17″ standard monitors and 24″ high bright monitors. The 24″ is perfect for outdoors where the sun makes it difficult to read a standard monitor. 


We offer full size lens view teleprompter rigs on a roll around stand. This is perfect if you are moving around a lot during the shoot, want to save set-up time or are using a light weight tripod.


For tele-prompting talent looking off camera, a flat screen monitor on a stand is perfect. The height can be adjusted for standing or sitting and can easily rolled into position. We have 19″ and 24″ options.

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