Orlando Green Screen

GRP offers head to toe green screen and white screen. Both screens are pre-lit with 5400K flicker-less CFL instruments giving an extremely even distribution of light. For key lighting we have our custom HL360 mounts that allow the CFL to be instantly moved anywhere in its defined area without taking up valuable time and floor space. By adding silks a totally smooth lighting treatment can be achieved in short order. The room is sound absorbant to eliminate the live annoying ambience often associated with green screen studios. Our AC is designed to be quiet and able to keep the room any temperature needed for you and your client’s comfort. We also can do a live switch using our virtual sets . . even stream it live!

Our green screen is retractable so it’s possible to do both a white screen and green screen shoot in the same session with minimum of down time. Our green screen is 20′ x 30′, and our white screen is 17′ x 20′. We rent the studio by the hour, half day, full day or week. Bring your own gear and crew or use ours . . whatever works best for you. We do require a credit card on file to book time. You are welcome to pay any method you prefer on the day of the session . . or you can have us run your card.

We also have a dressing room, green room, computer work space, video edit suite, audio control room and small conference area for meetings, brainstorming and snacks/lunches.

Give us a call or contact us to talk about your project!